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Article: Elevate Your Tattoo Experience with Numbing Cream

Elevate Your Tattoo Experience with Numbing Cream

Tattoo numbing cream in Australia makes body art accessible to everyone. You might want a tattoo but worried about the discomfort. If you've never had one, you may be unsure if the experience will be too unpleasant. You might be concerned about being embarrassed or wanting to stop before the session ends.

The best tattoo numbing creams alleviate the pain and take away the sensation of the needle. Not only do products like Numbastay give you the peace of mind you need to get that tattoo, but they can elevate the experience in more than one way.

Get the Art You Want

Tattoo numbing cream gives you the flexibility to get the type of body art you want. You might have always avoided getting the art you want on your wrist, ribcage, ankle, or hip because you heard tattoos in these areas are more painful than others.

Likewise, you might want a larger tattoo but opt for smaller ones to limit discomfort. The best tattoo-numbing creams remove these excuses and allow you to get the art you always wanted.

Enjoy the Experience

Tattoo creams like Numbastay allow you to enjoy the experience of getting a tattoo rather than enduring it. You'll be able to pay attention to the artist's process, converse with others, or otherwise enjoy your time in the chair instead of being preoccupied with discomfort.

Friends and family members will undoubtedly ask you about the experience, and you will have a detailed story to share beyond 'it was uncomfortable'.

Give the Artist the Chance to Work

Many tattoo artists offer products like Numbastay because it helps their clients remain still for the entire session. Most artists are used to their clients shifting or flinching, but they do their best work when they have an unmoving canvas. Both you and the artist will be happier with the results, especially if the tattoo has fine details or intricate shading.

How Does Numbastay Tattoo Numbing Cream Work?

Numbastay features a combination of three active numbing ingredients: lidocaine, tetracaine, and prilocaine. Together, this trio deadens the nerves on the surface of the skin and blocks pain signals between the nerves and the brain. If you or your tattoo artist apply the product properly, you won't feel pain or the sensation of the tattoo needle on the surface of your skin.

Buy Numbastay to elevate your next tattoo experience, or contact us to learn more about our pharmacist-created product.

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