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Formulated by a pharmacist in Australia

Numbing cream that works

After Care


enjoy a pain-free session

Be Prepared

We recommend ordering Numbastay Numbing cream at least one week before your session, so you are prepared to enjoy a pain-free session.

Numbing cream that works

What difference does Numbastay's Tattoo Numbing Cream really make?

Getting a tattoo, skin needling, removing skin tags, or any potentially painful skin procedure is not a competition to find out how tough you are or how much pain you can endure. If anything, your pain only makes it harder for the artist, nurse, or doctor to do their job with perfection.

Your Body

Some body parts are much more sensitive to pain than others. Why take a chance? Just apply Numbastay and be assured of a pain-free session

Detailed Shading

Detailed shading over the same area is one of the most crucial parts of getting that perfect design. And guess what? It's also one of the most painful parts of the session.

Care Free

Never do you ever need to be anxious about your next tattoo session again. With Numbastay, you can just sit back and relax through the entire session


In pain? Your pain can hamper your artist, nurse, or doctor's concentration, opening doors for mistakes and errors.

Numbing Cream that Works

Be Prepared

Order Numbastay Numbing cream prior to your sitting and have a pain free session. We ship worldwide.

What customers say about Numbastay

Thousands of customers have used Numbastay in tattoo parlours & skin clinics around the world.  Here are a few testimonials from real customers.  Find more on our Instagram.

"I used Numbastay to get my back piece done and was able to sit through each session comfortably which allowed my tattooist to work faster. I didn’t feel anything. Definitely recommend it."


"Numbastay was a lifesaver when getting my whole stomach and chest tattooed. I was able to sit through the sessions without feeling a thing & only had minimal bleeding. A little goes a long way with this product, will be using it again."


"Numbastay worked like a treat 🥰 Thank you! 10 hours in total and didn’t feel a thing! Should have got the whole leg done 🤔"


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