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Numbastay Tattoo Aftercare Oil

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  • Expertly formulated to help soothe swelling, inflammation and irritation after your tattoo session
  • Numbastay Tattoo Aftercare Ink Oil helps provide instant relief after getting inked
  • Start daily use before getting a tattoo to help prepare your skin for the procedure
  • Absorbs quickly and moisturises any part of the body
  • Regular use will help protect and enhance your tattoo for years to come

Introducing Numbastay Tattoo Aftercare Ink Oil: A premium formula created by Australian pharmacists to help you heal quickly after a tattooing session and protect your tattoo.

No Petroleum Jelly

Vegan Friendly

Effective & Safe

No Animal Testing

Numbastay Tattoo Aftercare Oil
Numbastay Tattoo Aftercare Oil Sale price$29.95

Australian made | worldwide shipping

Numbastay is Australian produced with the highest quality ingredients to ensure long lasting & quick anaesthetic effect.

Independently Produced

We're proud to formulate our own cream with ingredients we trust. Produced in Australia by a qualified pharmacist to ensure each tub is consistent, safe and effective.

Key Ingredients

We compound the cream using Lidocaine, Prilocaine and Tetracaine. A combination of short and long acting agents so we are able to get a quick but long lasting anaesthetic effect.

Instructions for use

Follow the instructions closely to ensure you receive the full effect of Numbastay Tattoo Aftercare Oil.

What customers say about numbastay

Thousands of customers have used Numbastay in tattoo parlours & skin clinics around the world.  Here are a few testimonials from real customers.  Find more on our Instagram.

"I used Numbastay to get my back piece done and was able to sit through each session comfortably which allowed my tattooist to work faster. I didn’t feel anything. Definitely recommend it."

- Chris

"Numbastay was a lifesaver when getting my whole stomach and chest tattooed. I was able to sit through the sessions without feeling a thing & only had minimal bleeding. A little goes a long way with this product, will be using it again."

- Anth

"Numbastay worked like a treat! Thank you! Didn’t feel a thing! Should have got the whole leg done 🤔"

- Dee