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Article: The Tattoo Numbing Cream Australia Loves Best

The Tattoo Numbing Cream Australia Loves Best

The ultimate in tattooing comfort is here with Numbastay’s Tattoo Numbing Cream. Numbastay is Australia’s most trusted brand of tattoo numbing cream that can help you through your tattoo experience.

Beware of Cheap Imitations

Our focus is your comfort. That’s why our tattoo numbing cream is made from the best ingredients without compromise on quality. The numbing cream market is now saturated with fake medicines and creams that have not been manufactured safely and may contain ineffective or dangerous contents.

One of the major concerns with especially numbing creams that come from cheap facilities throughout Asia is there are no safety standards or quality control processes to guarantee that the product you are buying actually contains the promised percentages of active ingredients.

While we ship worldwide, our products are proudly manufactured in Melbourne Australia where standards and demand are high for quality confidence. Did you know that our numbing cream is crafted by our qualified pharmacist? This is important to know because when selecting the right product to suit your specific procedure, it is best to use a formula that is made professionally and the ingredients are mixed at their correct ratios.

When Only the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream Australia Will Do

Prepare for your next tattoo session with the tattoo numbing cream that tattoo artists and skin specialists recommend. And allow your tattooist, nurse or doctor to work faster and do their job with perfection.

Our unique formula is the preferred solution for:

  • Preparing
  • Treating and after care
  • Tattoos
  • Skin needling
  • Removing skin tags
  • Laser procedures

Numbastay has been helping to reduce the pain of needle and laser procedures in Australia for more than 5 years.

Before Applying Numbastay

  1. Select the right Numbastay size depending on the size of your planned tattoo or procedure
  2. Order using our simple online process here
  3. Check where and when to apply Numbastay with your tattoo artist or practitioner
  4. Numbastay needs some time to numb the skin so apply around 1 hour before your procedure

When Applying Numbastay

  1. Clean and dry the skin to be numbed
  2. Shave the skin area prior to application if necessary
  3. Apply our cream onto the section of your skin where the procedure will be done
  4. Don’t rub in the cream as you will need a sparingly thick layer to help the numbing effect
  5. Cover the cream with an airtight, water tight dressing so the active ingredients absorb into the skin without being wiped off – consider cling wrap for your area

After Applying Numbastay

  1. Just before your procedure, remove the dressing and wipe off the excess cream
  2. After Numbastay is removed, enjoy the numbing effect for hours

We always value your feedback and encourage you to get in touch with us once your tattoo session or procedure is complete to share your experience. Additionally, we offer a variety of high-quality aftercare products on our website designed to assist with your skin's recovery process, including the best skin numbing cream available.

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