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Numbastay Tattoo & Aftercare Pack

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Numbastay Total Tattoo & Aftercare Pack includes:

1 x 30g Numbastay Tattoo Numbing Cream [value $129.95]

1 x Numbastay Ink Oil [value $29.95]

1 x Numbastay Ink Butter [value $29.95]

1 x Numbastay Ink Wash [value $19.95]

Enjoy the full experience of getting inked safely and effectively with our total aftercare pack! The faster your tattoo heals, the better it will look and the longer it lasts.

Keep your skin moisturised to prevent dryness, promoting faster healing and reducing scabbing. After all, it's better to use toxic-free, vegan friendly products for gentle care.

Maintain cleanliness to prevent infections by following your artist's instructions. Gently wash with our Ink Wash, pat dry, and avoid harsh scrubbing. Protect your tatoo from sunlight and water during healing - apply Numbastay Ink Butter as a protetive barrier to prevent contaminants from affecting your tattoo. It's also recommended to cover your tattoo with clothing and use high SPF sunscreen outdoors. Avoid prolonged water exposure.

For long-term vibrancy, continue regular moisturising with our Numbastay Ink Oil to protect and enhance your ink.

Numbastay Tattoo & Aftercare Pack
Numbastay Tattoo & Aftercare Pack Sale price$180.00

Australian made | worldwide shipping

Numbastay is Australian produced with the highest quality ingredients to ensure long lasting & quick anaesthetic effect.

Independently Produced

We're proud to formulate our own cream with ingredients we trust. Produced in Australia by a qualified pharmacist to ensure each tub is consistent, safe and effective.

Key Ingredients

We compound the cream using Lidocaine, Prilocaine and Tetracaine. A combination of short and long acting agents so we are able to get a quick but long lasting anaesthetic effect.