The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Tattoo Cream in Australia

The best tattoo cream in Australia can make your studio session more comfortable. Not only can the correct combination of numbing agents reduce pain, but they also help you remain still so the artist can do their best work.

Not all tattoo creams are equal. You might not get the expected benefits if you purchase the wrong one at the store. The best tattoo creams have specific qualities. Here is what you should look for when selecting the best tattoo cream in Australia.

Choose the Right Combination of Ingredients

The best tattoo creams stop the pain in two different ways. They have a surface anesthetic to dull the sensation on your skin. However, because the tattoo needle needs to penetrate several skin layers, the cream should also have a nerve-blocking ingredient that blocks pain signals from reaching the brain.

The best tattoo cream in Australia relies on a combination of these two ingredients to offer complete numbness. Ingredients like lidocaine and prilocaine are nerve deadeners that stop the discomfort and the sensation of the tattoo needle on the surface of the skin. Tetracaine is the most effective topical nerve blocker. It penetrates the skin and stops pain signals from being sent to the brain.

Choose a Cream that Lasts

A cream that only numbs your skin for a few minutes is useless when you are in the chair for 45 minutes or longer. Nerve deadeners and blockers must remain on the skin for some time before they take effect. Any tattoo cream products should clearly outline the application process so that the cream gets applied in a way that ensures effectiveness for the duration of the session.

Choose a Tested and Trusted Product

Finally, the best tattoo creams should be properly tested and have the backing of doctors or pharmacists. Not only do these medical professionals know the proper ingredient proportions for maximum effectiveness, but they are aware of any issues that could arise, such as one of the inactive ingredients interfering with the numbing agents.

Numbastay excels in each of these areas. It contains tetracaine, lidocaine, and prilocaine for effective nerve deadening and blocking. Second, it comes with clear steps for application to ensure effectiveness throughout the tattoo session. Finally, pharmacists formulated it, so it has the correct ratio of ingredients to provide lasting numbing and pain-blocking.