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Article: Skin Care Essentials After Receiving a Tattoo

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Skin Care Essentials After Receiving a Tattoo

Your tattoo experience does not end after you leave the artist's studio. Aftercare is essential for the quality and longevity of your new body art. 

Actually, the aftercare process can start during the session. You can use a tattoo numbing cream to reduce redness and irritation. The best numbing cream Australia offers uses a combination of lidocaine, tetracaine, and prilocaine to achieve its results. 

Once you are finished with your tattoo session, you can start caring for your new artwork. It can take up to a month to fully heal. Here is what you need to know. 


Washing and Care After the Tattoo

The first few days are the most critical for aftercare. 

First, follow your artist's instructions on when to remove the tattoo wrap. They will usually suggest an hour or two after the session.

You should realize that a fresh tattoo is still an open wound that needs delicate care. You need to give the tattooed skin a gentle wash two to three times a day with mild, fragrance-free soap with room temperature or lukewarm water.

You should never scrub the tattoo and it is best to pat the surface dry gently after washing.

Finally, you can use a quality aftercare oil, such as one containing lanolin, to protect the skin and speed up healing.

Additional Tips for Healing and Comfort

Even after the first few days, when you begin to notice healing, you can continue the washing and aftercare oil treatments. They can be especially useful if you feel additional discomfort. 

  • Avoid direct sunlight. UV rays can cause premature fading. If you cannot cover your tattoo with clothing or a bandage, consider using mineral sunscreen. 
  • Avoid pools, saunas, and the ocean. Chlorine and salt water can damage your tattoo. 
  • Avoid excessive sweating. You can resume normal daily activities after your tattoo, but try to avoid excessive sweating from intense workouts or saunas. 
  • Continue sunscreen use. Even after healing, you should use SPF 30or higher sunscreen to avoid ink fading. 
  • Use good hygiene practices. Clean sheets, regular bathing, and clean, loose-fitting clothes will help ensure proper healing. 

Choose Top Tattoo Care Products

Numbastay is known for producing the best numbing cream Australia has to offer. In addition to the pharmacist-created tattoo numbing cream, Numbastay has an aftercare oil formulated by Australian pharmacists. Like all the best aftercare products, it contains lanolin, which protects the skin and enhances its natural healing abilities. 

Consider these products for your next tattoo or contact Numbastay if you have any questions. 

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