Piercing Numbing Cream

Getting a new piercing can be difficult. While you can't wait to get into the chair, there's no denying the discomfort that's involved. Even when you think you're ready, some parts of the body are very sensitive to pain. You don't have to accept it any longer, however, with Numbastay anaesthetic piercing cream working it’s magic.

We make the best piercing numbing cream in Australia.

Whether you're an artist or a client, our topical numbing cream is easy to apply and perfect for piercing. We offer pain-free results, with our cream applied before the piercing or while you heal. Recovering from a piercing can take weeks, and it's important to look after yourself during this process. Why risk pain or compromise the quality of the work, when you can numb your skin with Numbastay?

Benefits of piercing numbing cream

Numbastay numbing cream for piercing, offers many benefits, such as eliminating pain, improving results and enhancing the healing process. Why risk pain or misalignment when you can buy high-quality numbing cream for piercing?

  • Reduce pain - Numbastay helps to reduce pain from piercing. With a little help, getting a piercing can be much more comfortable than you imagine.
  • Improve alignment - Numbastay helps to improve the quality of the piercing. When you're in pain, you're at a much greater risk of misalignment.
  • Enhance healing - Numbastay helps to reduce redness, irritation, and itchiness. Recovering from a piercing can be easier than you think.

Active numbing ingredients

Our numbing cream for piercing has been formulated by pharmacists in Australia. It includes a number of beneficial active ingredients, including tetracaine, prilocaine, and lidocaine. We use a combination of short- and long-acting agents, which provides an immediate yet long-lasting anaesthetic effect. This is ideal for piercing, when numbing is needed right away, but healing can take a few weeks.

Why choose Numbastay?

At Numbastay, our pharmacists provide trusted numbing solutions backed by science and produced with integrity. When you choose Numbastay, you get access to a proven formula created and produced right here in Australia. Along with piercing numbing cream, we also produce tattoo cream, skin numbing cream, baby numbing cream and face numbing cream. We offer fast shipping across the globe and welcome new piercing specialists and stockists. If you're looking for the best numbing cream for piercing, we're here to help.