Baby Numbing Cream

Sensitive baby skin deserves protection. From vaccinations and skin irritation to minor medical procedures, skin numbing cream helps to eliminate discomfort in the young. Numbastay baby numbing cream produces a gentle skin-numbing effect to help remove discomfort and manage the pain response. Our cream is formulated by pharmacists with proven active ingredients. But, before using this product on your child, please seek advice from your doctor or an acting health care professional.

We make the best baby numbing cream in Australia.

With Numbastay anaesthetic baby cream, you get great results pain-free. Our baby numbing cream is safe for sensitive young bodies and ideal for a wide range of uses. Why risk physical pain or annoying irritation, when you can numb your baby's skin with Numbastay.

How does baby numbing cream work?

Numbastay baby numbing cream blocks sodium channels in the body — the nerves are desensitised and pain is reduced as a result. We produce safe and effective baby numbing cream, with active ingredients formulated by pharmacists right here in Australia. This product includes tetracaine, prilocaine, and lidocaine and all compounds are safe to use on sensitive young skin. This cream includes a combination of short- and long-acting agents for fast and sustainable anaesthetic relief.

The many uses of baby numbing cream

Numbastay baby numbing cream, is a topical anaesthetic that reduces pain from multiple conditions. This cream has many applications, from skin complaints and minor surgery preparation to vaccinations and other needle procedures. Our cream can be safely applied before procedures and is also useful during the recovery and healing process.

The following applications are common:

  • Vaccination and needle procedures
  • Sunburn and minor skin injuries
  • Relief from irritation
  • Preparation before minor surgery

The Numbastay difference

If you want the best baby numbing cream in Australia, Numbastay is the solution. Our proven anaesthetic formula is created and produced by pharmacists in Australia, with all ingredients safe to use on babies. Along with baby numbing cream, we produce tattoo cream, piercing cream, skin numbing cream and face numbing cream. We offer fast shipping to any location, both in Australia and around the world. If you're looking for the very best baby numbing cream on the market, we're here to help you.