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Article: Why use a Face Numbing Cream

Why use a Face Numbing Cream

A piercing or cosmetic procedure can bring desired changes to your appearance. Unfortunately, this transformation in the way you look requires sitting through some discomfort.

Not only is pain a challenge for the person getting a piercing or cosmetic injection, but it is also an issue for the piercing artist or aesthetic nurse carrying out the procedure. A client who moves because of discomfort (or the anticipation of discomfort) can make accuracy difficult. This problem is especially pronounced for piercings or procedures involving sensitive areas like the face.

Face numbing cream, when applied correctly before a piercing, injection, micro-blading, or laser treatment, can ease pain and make the process easier for both client and practitioner.

Benefits of Numbing Cream for Your Face

The face is an especially sensitive area. It is prone to pain because: 

  • The skin is thinner than in other parts of the body. 
  • There are many nerves. 
  • Facial bones sit just below the surface.

This sensitivity can make it hard for the client to remain still during cosmetic procedures. Any movement can be challenging for the practitioner because accuracy is essential, and aesthetic changes are difficult to repair if not done correctly the first time. Meanwhile, a piercing will leave a lasting hole, so you definitely want to remain as still as possible to ensure absolute accuracy.

For users, the numbing effects take the most negative aspect out of the experience without altering the results. In fact, the lack of discomfort can help you remain still, during the entire process, leading to an even better outcome.

How Do These Products Work?

Face numbing cream relies on nerve blockers, like tetracaine, from stopping pain signals from reaching the brain, which translates these signals into pain. A quality numbing cream in Australia should provide nerve-blocking effects 35 to 60 minutes after application (depending on the individual).

These creams also have nerve-deadening agents like lidocaine, which numb the surface of the skin so that the user doesn't feel the needle, laser, or piercing tool.

The best numbing cream in Australia, pharmacist-created Numbastay, combines both these ingredients into one. It also adds prilocaine for extra nerve-deadening effectiveness, which is especially important for cosmetic procedures involving the skin on the face.

Rely on Numbastay for Pain-Free Facial Procedures and Piercings

Numbastay is strong enough to block pain during an extended tattoo session, so it will also remain effective for the length of most cosmetic procedures or any other process that causes facial discomfort. Visit us to learn more about this unique product.

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