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Article: How to find the Best Tattoo Numbing cream in Australia

How to find the Best Tattoo Numbing cream in Australia

Discomfort is part of the tattooing process. Most people who get a tattoo are willing to trade the pain for impressive body art. However, the process does not have to hurt. Tattoo numbing cream can dull the pain or completely take it away. These products can help clients get through their tattooing session and can assist artists, because the client will be calmer and able to sit still, allowing them to completely focus on their work.

    This sounds like a good deal, but there is a catch. Not all tattoo numbing cream products are the same. Some wear off too quickly, leaving the client still feeling the discomfort if they have a longer session. Others only perform if you follow a very strict application process, or they work on some body parts but fail to provide relief in sensitive areas.

    What to look for in a tattoo numbing cream?

    Certain chemical compounds are more effective at numbing skin, especially when they are combined with other ingredients that enhance the effect.

    One of the best ingredients is lidocaine. It temporarily numbs the nerves on your skin's surface and is relatively long-lasting. Unfortunately, lidocaine on its own, is not 100% effective at blocking discomfort. This is because it does not absorb into the skin, so it cannot dull sensations down to the same depth as the tattoo needle.

    The best tattoo cream products also contain tetracaine. It does not actually numb your skin but blocks the pain signal that your nerves send to your brain. Therefore both lidocaine and tetracaine are necessary. Tetracaine blocks the reaction, while lidocaine blocks the sensation of the tattoo needle.

    Some of the best tattoo creams combine lidocaine with prilocaine. Studies have shown that mixing both these topical anaesthetics works better than using one or the other.

    Tattoo cream with these ingredients can limit pain during the session and also reduce irritation and reddening afterward.

    Where can I find these ingredients in Australia?

    Numbastay Tattoo Numbing Cream was created by pharmacists. It contains the ultra-effective topical anaesthetic mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine and it adds tetracaine as a pain blocker. This product is so effective that it is also used by piercers and for other procedures in cosmetic clinics.

    You can purchase Numbastay online, whether you are a client getting a tattoo or an artist who wants to give customers a pain-reduction option.

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